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Compact and powerful

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A new line of light duty trucks from HINO. 

Now known as the Hino M4 and Hino M5 (4 & 5 representing their GVW class), these new Hino M Series models have been completely redesigned from the inside out. From an all-new grille design and LED headlamps* as an option to a stylish automotive grade interior finish.

Polished interior design equals functionality!

Inside the cab, a new gauge cluster features a 4.2” LCD multi-information display for easier vehicle monitoring. Also a new steering wheel with fingertip controls for the cruise control to keep your hands on the wheel.

Available in day, crew cab and hybrid configurations the Hino M series trucks are ideal for applications ranging from 14,500 lbs. to 19,500 lbs. GVWR.

* Standard on Hybrid & Crew Cab models included in Plus Package on M4 & M5 day cab models.

Standard on every M Series is the Hino J05 Series engines producing 210-hp and 440-lb.ft. torque! Paired with the Aisin A465 Aisin 6-speed HD automatic transmission which includes a new gear hold feature, especially useful in steep incline situations.

Now that’s a drivetrain designed for maximum performance and economy!


When you buy or lease a Hino truck, you’re not only investing in one of the world’s most efficient and reliable vehicles, you’re also getting a vast array of Canadian-based resources and the people to back it up.

HINOGENUINE Parts have been designed and tested to meet exacting quality control standards and provide the best value and performance for your Hino truck.

Protecting your investment, Hino provides quality products backed by a comprehensive warranty!

M Series Warranty Coverage
Hino’s durable 5.1 litre J05E engine is covered by a 5-year / 320,000 km warranty.

HINOWATCH Roadside Assistance provides peace of mind driving since our customers know that assistance is only a toll-free phone call away. For the first 3 years of ownership, HINOWATCH protects your Hino truck with 24-hour roadside assistance at no extra charge. HINOWATCH covers the following:  lockout service, out of fuel/DEF, battery jump-start and towing on warrantable repairs (up to a maximum of $1,000 per tow).

Hino offers 3 years, unlimited mileage warranty on all Hino replacement parts, installed at any Hino dealership across Canada.

A 1 year, unlimited mileage warranty applies for Hino parts sold over the counter.

The Hino Preventive Care plan consists of the following items to protect your investment and enhance the longevity of your truck. 1 year scheduled maintenance, up to 50,000 kilometers. Complimentary engine oil changes and chassis lubrication services for years 2 and 3, up to 150,000 kilometers; (Engine Oil, Transmission Fluid*, Differential Fluid and Chassis Lubrication).

* Applies to cab over engine models only.

DISCLAIMER: HINO MOTORS CANADA, LTD reserves the right to discontinue items, or make changes at any time, without notice, to equipment, specifications, or materials.