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Woodstock Assembly Plant

Hino Trucks Assembled in Canada … Committed to Canadians

Hino’s world-wide reputation for quality extends to the trucks produced by its Canadian assembly plant in Woodstock, Ontario. The production capacity of the 177,000 sq. ft. facility is dedicated to the assembly of Hino trucks specifically tailored for customers in Canada.

Hino trucks assembled in Canada are built with the same outstanding engineering quality control and assembly standards that have made Hino a global leader in the production of diesel trucks.

Hino Motors Canada, Ltd. Woodstock Assembly Plant
ISO 14001:2015 – Certified environmental management system

Certified System ISO 14001


February 2023

One year no lost time injury.

April 2018

The new Hino XL Series was revealed at Truck World.

October 2016

Woodstock assembly plant expansion and interior renovation completed.

May 2016

Woodstock assembly plant builds its 10,000th Conventional truck.

April 2016

Woodstock plant celebrates their 10th year anniversary.

July 2015

The Woodstock plant undergoes a plant expansion.

October 2014

Woodstock assembly plant builds its 10,000th truck.

October 2014

Hino Motors Canada celebrates 40 years in Canada.

May 2013

First production of the Hino 165 cab over engine model.

February 2012

The arrival of the all new 2013 Hino 195 Crew Cab configuration.

November 2010

Released newly re-designed 2011 medium duty MDT conventional cab trucks truck during the Woodstock Open House.

May 2008

Hino Motors Canada produced the first Hino 155 cab over engine model for the Canadian market.

March 2006

Woodstock plant started the production of the MDT conventional cab trucks.


Hino established a new assembly plant in Woodstock, Ontario.