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“Phishing” Using the Hino Motors, Ltd. Name or Marks – Criminals have been increasingly attempting to defraud people by disguising their emails as those of well-known companies, including Hino Motors, Ltd., purporting to offer jobs and/or business opportunities. This practice is known as “phishing.” These emails generally request that people provide confidential information such as drivers license information, bank account or credit card information to the sender of the email by return email or by filling out an HTML form. Hino Motors, Ltd. never requests people or companies in the public to act as their distributors or representatives by email, does not offer positions of employment to people in the public by email, and does not request people or companies in the public to submit personal information via email or HTML forms. Such messages that appear to be from Hino Motors, Ltd. are not legitimate and should be ignored. If you believe you are a victim of a scam, you may want to contact your local police and other enforcement authorities. You may also want to submit a complaint with The Internet Crime Complaint Center at If you are a resident of the U.S., you may also want to contact the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Identity Theft group at