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About Us

Hino Motors Canada Ltd., is the exclusive distributor of Hino products in Canada,  and with over 40 years of history in Canada, we continue to follow Hino’s credo which clearly defines Hino Motors Japan’s corporate policies and stance as a commercial vehicle manufacturer of trucks and buses.

Hino’s Corporate Mission

To make the world a better place to live by helping people and goods get where they need to go―safely, economically and with environmental responsibility―while focusing on sustainable development.

At the Hino Group, we all share both the challenge and the inspiration of this Corporate Mission. It is a simple statement that captures what the world expects from us, but it also expresses the great impact we can have just by doing what we do best. After all, we all want Hino to be known for going the extra mile.

Our Core Principles

In everything we do, we strive to …

  1. Earn the world’s trust as a global manufacturer of commercial vehicles
  2. Develop and maintain innovative technologies that enable us to provide customers with useful products and services
  3. Integrate sustainability, social concern, and a keen awareness of change into our plans for growth
  4. Respect the diversity of our employees, and build a vibrant corporate culture

Our Charter

Built on the Core Principles, our goals when it comes to serving each of our diverse stakeholder groups.

To customers

We meet our customers’ expectations by providing useful products and services.

To employees

We respect each individual employee, and strive to create a workplace that fosters personal growth.

To business partners

We build relationships of trust by engaging in open communication, with mutual prosperity as our goal.

To shareholders

We work hard to anticipate changes in the business environment in order to improve the Hino Group’s corporate value.

To the international and local communities

  • We strive to provide products that are safe and environmentally friendly, pursuing a responsible balance with the environment in all of our corporate activities.
  • We strive to contribute to local communities in all the regions where we do business.
  • We are devoted to good corporate citizenship, complying with laws and regulations and maintaining high ethical standards.