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Voice of Hino Owners

“I’ve been a Hino truck buyer for 17 years already and I’m entirely satisfied with this product that meets my criteria: reliability, endurance, fuel economy.”

Transport Bouchard
Petit-Saguenay, QC | Hino Model 195

“We do a tremendous amount of road with the truck everywhere in Quebec, in the Vancouver area as well as in the United States. We love how this truck handles.
There’s lots of room in the back for us to load plenty of materials. We’re very satisfied with our Hino purchase.”

Expert 3
Saint-Marie, QC | Hino Model 195

“We use this truck to carry our tools and equipment on construction sites, whether they are located in the middle of the forest at the end of dirt roads or in the heart of the city for major projects. It’s a head turner wherever it goes!”

Construction Éric Lefebvre
Saint-Adelphe, QC | Hino Model 195

“After much research I settled on buying a Hino truck for my business. The truck has been fantastic as well as being entirely effective on the job site.”

Land and Stone
Wiarton, ON | Hino Model 195

“CAA-Québec puts its trust in the Hino brand’s reliability since 1988. Our fleet of tow trucks now has 24 Hino branded units in it.”

CAA Québec
Québec, QC | Hino Model 195

“Buying my 4-door Hino was one of my best purchases ever. The 7-passenger cab makes the truck highly useful considering the long distances I need to drive for my job. Its reliability allows me to take the road with peace of mind. Thank you Hino.”

Levage Fallon Inc.
Marieville, QC | Hino Model 195CC

“Found HINO superior in their performance, durability and lack of down time.”

Load-N-Lift Disposal
Colborne, ON | Hino Model 258

“This is our first Hino, it has exceeded our expectations.”

York Regional Traffic Services Inc
Richmond Hill, ON | Hino Model 258

“Great dealers, great trucks, great service, great warranty, what every business owner wants!”

S1 Group
Toronto, ON | Hino Model 268

“We are proud of our new prototype design. Happy with the results.”

Two Men and a Truck
Ottawa, ON | Hino Model 268

“We continue to grow using Hino’s that have out-performed any other truck we have tried in its’ class! Our fleet has grown to 17 with many outstanding Hino models for the job on hand.”

S&V Delta Towing
Cambridge, ON | Hino Model 268

“Proven track record of reliability and durability that allows us to consistently beat the competition by always getting into the “tight corners” of the city.”

Ace Disposal Bins
Etobicoke, ON | Hino Model 338

“It’s our first Hino in our fleet and we couldn’t be happier
with it. The looks and the performance of our
new truck perfectly meet our company’s needs!”

Solaris Quebec Inc.
Gatineau, QC | Hino Model 338

“Blue Sky Storage’s Hino 338 is at the heart of our innovative approach to delivering portable storage. Our customers are simply blown away when they see it in action.
Thank You Hino!”

Blue Sky Storage
Burlington, ON | Hino Model 338

“Trying it is loving it! “

Gaz P & B Inc.
La Tuque, QC | Hino Model 358