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Welcome to the evolution of connectivity!

Hino is raising the bar once again in customer ownership experience with the introduction of HINO EDGE, the all-new, connected vehicle solution.  HINO EDGE synergizes the digital connection between the fleet customer, dealer network, Telematics Service Providers, and Hino Ultimate Support Center, to provide customers a competitive edge.

Introducing HINO EDGE.

HINO EDGE is a body of services within the Total Support Ownership Experience that only Hino can offer to you. It’s a suite of services that helps us maximize your uptime, decrease maintenance costs and increases your ROI. No matter where you drive, or how you use your Hino, we’ll be there right behind you mile after mile after mile.

Case Management

You know your truck is in good hands when your Case Management system is powered by Decisiv and easily controlled though your Ultimate Portal. If you have a fault code appear, you’ll immediately get an email. Simply reply to that email to speak with a knowledgeable Ultimate Support representative. Then, in the Case Management tab, you can…

1. View outstanding Recalls
2. Review Maintenance Due by mileage, engine hours or time
3. See all open cases
4. Contact your dealer to arrange service


The Hino Dashboard allows you to view your fleet location, nearest dealer and how your fleet’s utilization compares to others.

With Hino Benchmarking, you’ll see a graphical snapshot of how you’re doing compared to other similar vehicles in similar situations. Idle times, fuel economy … whatever data you need to optimize the performance of your fleet, you can find it here in real time. Never fly blind again! Everything you need to maximize your fleet’s ROI is right here, right now.


With Hino, it’s all about you: We’ve partnered with the top Telematics service providers to empower you and your business with the choices that best fits your needs. You pick the provider. You select the features that are important to you. We have the hardware factory installed for you, after you tell us what features you want, we’ll take it from there!

In these 3 simple steps:
1. Log in to
2. Select your TSP and desired trucks
3. Your Service provider will follow up and you can enjoy seamless integration

Here are just some of the providers we’re already working with.