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For Owners

The Hino Experience: Much more than just truck ownership.

A Hino builds confidence. A Hino breeds success.

Your best-in-class purpose-built Hino truck sends a loud-and-clear message to your customers and competitors:

  • “I sweat the small stuff. That’s why I’m behind the wheel of the most reliable vehicle out there.”
  • “The fact that I choose Hino — with its Toyota-Group DNA — means I bring Toyota-worthy quality and craftsmanship to every aspect of my work.”
  • “I drive a Hino — supported by Hino’s industry-leading Premium protection plan — because when it comes to getting a job done, I don’t take chances.”
  • “When you work with me and my Hino, you work with the best.”

When you buy a Hino, you come away with a Hino commitment to you for as long as you own the truck.