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Wiper Blades

1. Function

Wiper blades are used to wipe off the rain or snow from your windshield to ensure safe visibility in rainy or snowy conditions.

2. Construction

Wiper blades are available in three different units.

Wiper Assembly - Wiper Rubber, Wiper Blade Assembly and Wiper Arm

Wiper Rubber

This is the rubber part that wipes rain droplets and such from the windshield to ensure visibility.

Wiper Blade Assembly

This assembly consists of a wiper blade with its wiper rubber attached.

Wiper Arm

This component moves the wiper blade assembly to wipe the windshield.

3. Replacement timing

Wiper blades are an important component for ensuring safe visibility. An improperly wiped windshield can affect your visibility. Ensure peace of mind and problem-free operation by replacing them regularly before you notice any of the following symptoms:




Clean the edges of your wiper rubbers.


Clean the edges of your wiper rubbers.



Replace your wiper rubbers or wiper blade assemblies.