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Hybrid Light Duty Trucks

Hybrid Light Duty Trucks.

Why A Hybrid Fits Your Fleet

Hino diesel-electric hybrid engines are already very popular in Japan and catching on fast across Canada. Hino has been producing hybrid-powered vehicles for more than 25 years and the 195h is based on six generations of technological evolution and is engineered specifically for the North American market.

Here’s how we do it. We take Hino’s superbly engineered class-five truck, the 195, and install a traction motor that assists the 5.1-litre Hino diesel engine at times of high load to reduce fuel consumption and thereby reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG)* emissions. The nickel metal hydride NiMH battery recharges itself during vehicle deceleration so that it remains charged for the next demand cycle.

The world’s first Hybrid Adaptive Control System also continuously communicates with the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to evaluate driving and road conditions to optimize the truck’s fuel economy and performance.

Here’s how noted truck journalist Jim Park described the driving experience in Today’s Trucking magazine: “The diesel engine shuts off completely when the vehicle comes to a stop. Releasing the brake restarts the diesel automatically. Additional fuel savings can be had by switching between normal and ‘eco’ driving modes”.

* GHG emission reductions vary with driving patterns. Ask your Hino representative for tips on driving with fuel-efficiency in mind.

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